if you are familiar with the concept of rooting there a good chance that you have to hear of Magisk modules. all the possible ways to root an android phone Magisk is probably the most widely used method. with Magisk you can root your android device in a “systemless” way

there are numerous Magisk modules available offering all sorts of customization a “module” allows easy modification and tweaking to your device. here are the best Magisk modules that should check out.

1. Xposed Framework

Xposed Framework Magisk Modules

Xposed is a very popular framework that was widely used prior to the introduction of Magisk. it allows the user to perform different android mods and tweaks. the Xposed framework can be installed as a Magisk module through the Magisk manager. it allows you to use the gravity box mod through which you can execute multiple system tweaks via a single app.

when used as a Magisk module Xposed can be used systemless without interfering with google SafetyNet. when used outside of Magisk apps such as google pay won’t be executable.

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2. Greenify4Magisk


Greenify app is one of the most popular rooting apps infamous for its battery-saving characteristic. what it basically does is putting all your unused apps into hibernation mode and reducing the backgroud app usage to almost zero thus resulting in optimizing and saving your device battery life. to get the most out of your smartphone performance you can simply use this and hibernate the apps which you don’t frequently use.

Magisk variant is available as a greenify4magisk module through which the Greenify app is treated as a privileged app and can perform hibernation in a fast and systemless way. the module works by inserting a folder consisting of the APK file into the path: /system/private-app for even better hibernation performance the module can add more tools and turn to Greenify into a Rom-integrated app.

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3. Pixel Experience

Pixel Experience Magisk Modules

pixel smartphone is a flagship model developed by google consisting of some amazing specs. pixel is considered one of the best its competitors. the pixel experience module as the name suggests provides you the look and feel of pixel to your android smartphone. through this, you can experience the user interface of a pixel on your device.

this module is a collection of numerous pixel mods such as pixel launcher, google sans font, google assistant enabler, google lens, camera2api support, his support, with multiple audio files and themes.

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4. Cloudflare DNS

Cloudflare DNS

using a third-party DNS service is something that is beneficial for various reasons. if you have one of those who give utmost importance to your privacy you must have heard of Cloudflare DNS. recently Cloudflare launched its own DNS service to secure the web history of users from ISPS and increasing speed of data transmission resulting in faster loading of websites. you can use it on your android device through the cloudflare4dnsmagisk module. this module replaces your DNS with the DNS of the Cloudflare and thus directing all your mobile data and wi-fi traffic through the free Cloudflare service. the module is available in both ipv4 and ipv6 variants to be used in a systemless way.

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5. Camera2API Enabler

Camera2api Enabler

if you are using the google camera app you must be aware that OEMs like Huawei, etc restrict some third-party apps to utilize the camera hardware and halting them from functioning properly. so in order to use any third-party camera modules, camera2api should be enabled.

the traditional way of enabling camera2api is by manually setting up values in the build. prop system file to avoid doing this you can simply install the camera2api enabler module and it’s done the module does all the work for you and enables camera2api.

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