a change refresh rate of a display can be needed by some mac users particularly if they work with movie files and video editing. most users should keep their displays set to the default refresh rate for their particular screen but if you need to adjust refresh rate you find it’s simple to do so with displays used on the mac.

all mac displays can change their fresh rate though many third party external screens offer different refresh rate options. most mac internal screens can not change refresh rates for those built-in displays though that is changing with some of the pro models.

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Available Refresh Rates

  • 60 Hertz
  • 59.94 Hertz
  • 50 Hertz
  • 48 Hertz
  • 47.95 Hertz

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Change Refresh Rate On Mac

refresh rate that divides evenly into the frame rate of your content. and you can switch refresh rates on your MacBook Pro to display XDR.

Change Refresh Rate On Mac
  • choose apple menu system preferences then click displays.
  • press and hold the option key and select the scaled button. the refresh rate menu appears.
  • Click the refresh rate pop-up menu and choose a refresh rate.

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Change Refresh Rate On External Mac

  • connect the external display to the mac.
  • pull down the Apple menu and choose system preferences and go to displays.
  • under the “display” tab hold down the option key and click on the “scaled” button to reveal the “refresh rate” options for that display.

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if you don’t see the option to change the refresh rate on the mac display it’s either because your display does not support changing refresh rate or you forgot to hold down the option/alt key while you were choosing the scaled resolution button.

if your mac does not support different refresh rates on the internal display you will see the standard settings screen for display preferences. change the refresh rate of a display want to switch it back to the default once you are finished using the different settings while editing video or for whatever another purpose you adjusted the setting.

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