google chrome sometimes it doesn’t run as we want it to. it shows some errors and among all those errors and pop-ups the most common of all would be confirm form resubmission. you will see these kinds of pop-up messages on sites that include some kind of forms.

  • sign up forms and login forms.
  • search forms for searching a database.
  • credit card forms for completing transactions.
  • or anything that has to do with add edit or delete entries or files on a database.

Method-1 > Clear Google Chrome Browsing Data

The browser remembers the information once filled in the form and thus data duplication is possible. so if you force the browser to forget everything then there would not be any point of duplication. so you should try to clear out the browsing data from time to time.

Clear Google Chrome Browsing Data
  • STEP-1 > open your google chrome browser and click on the three dots placed on the top right corner of your browser.
  • STEP-2 > now select more tools and clear browsing data from the menu.
  • STEP-3 > navigate the advanced tab and select the data you want to delete.
  • STEP-4 > then click on clear data.

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Method-2 > Using Google Chrome Properties

google chrome was so annoyed by this bug he wanted this to be fixed and then he found a way to fix this snag using google chrome properties.

  • STEP-1 > right-click on the shortcut icon of the google chrome and select properties.
  • STEP-2 > in properties find a field named target.
  • STEP-3 > now you just have to add the below-written text at the end of the previously written text in the target.
  • STEP-4 > close your google chrome. re-open it with the same shortcut to see if the dialog box still appears on refreshing.

make sure that you have two shortcuts of google chrome. one with the changes that you made and the other one with the default properties. by this, you will be able to use the browser depending on your requirements.

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Method-3 > Disable Corrupted Extensions

confirm form resubmission error can also emerge due to the corrupt extension of your browser. so you can solve the problem you need to disable this extension.

Disable Corrupted Extensions
  • STEP-1 > on your browser click on the three vertical dots on the top right corner.
  • STEP-2 > select more tools and in it click on extensions.
  • STEP-3 > now search corrupt extension.
  • STEP-4 > when found first disable it and then re-enable it.

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Method-4 > Disable Motion Across The Browser

according to some resources, this form resubmission dialog popup arises again and again because the browser is unable to cache the post request and tries to re-submits the form on refreshing. one of the main reasons behind this snag is continuous accidental forward and backward movements.

to resolve this issue you can disable the motion buttons to prevent the browser from moving backward and forward. by this, if you accidentally press those buttons even when the dialog box won’t pop up. if you have a touch screen device then you can implement this by disabling the sliding option for forward and backward.

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Method-5 > Reset Browser Settings In Google Chrome

resetting chrome browser settings is also an optimum solution to fix this confirm form resubmission error.

Reset Browser Settings In Google Chrome
  • STEP-1 > click on three dots placed vertically on the top right corner of your browser to open a menu go to the control menu.
  • STEP-2 > then choose the settings to option from the menu.
  • STEP-3 > scroll down and click on show advanced settings.
  • STEP-4 > find “Reset Browser settings” at the end of the page and click on it.
  • STEP-5 > at last click on reset settings and you are done.

FAQ >>

Why Does Confirm Form Resubmission Dialog Come?

> according to different forums, the confirm form resubmission is not an error. it is considered as a google chrome feature that acts as a warning. this feature is provided by the developer to prevent the browser from accidentally duplicating post actions on forms.
> this bug has been reported many times by the users but it is still persistent in all the versions of google chrome.

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