are you experiencing a slow system performance? and the next moment when you looked for issues in the task manager did you see a process running called ctfmon.exe? then you might be wondering what is ctf loader?

ctfmon.exe in task manager it will not take high cpu usage on windows 10 but few of you know for sure what windows ctf loader is on your pc not to mention. the ctfmon.exe is closely related to ctf loade in which ctf is short for collaborative translation framework this task manager process is mainly used to offer service language and speech recognition on windows 10 at the same time ctfmon.exe devotes to waking up microsoft office language bar and alternative user input text input processor.

What is ctfmom.exe

What is ctfmom.exe?

ctf loader can play its part in various text services, like text, speech recognition, handwriting and on keyboard functionality from this perspective it is not wise for you to disable ctfmon.exe service but if any anti-virus program such as avast detects that the ctf loader is infected there is much need to ascertain whether or not ctfmon.exe turned into a virus.

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How To Disable CTF Loader on Windows 10?

under normal circumstances your ctfmon.exe file is located at c:\windows\system32 folder or system folder while once your anti-virus program tells you this ctf loader becomes a potential virus the ctfmon.exe file will be found elsewhere.

  • STEP-1 > double click this pc from your desktop to open it.
  • STEP-2 > navigate to c:\windows\system32. and then find out exe in system 32 folder or system 64 folder.
  • STEP-3 > then right click the ctfmon.exe file to go to its properties.
Disable CTF Loader
  • STEP-4 > in ctfmon.exe properties under the details tab make sure the digital signature is microsoft corporation.

checked the location and digital signature of the ctf loader process. you are able to decide whether you need to remove this ctfmon.exe from windows 10. if you can find it in the designated folder and the digital signature matches well with the right one it means the ctf loader is not a virus on your pc and you may as well do not to disable it on windows 10. but if you cannot locate it or the digital signature is incorrect it is available for you to stop it on your pc.

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Disable ctfmon.exe Service in Windows 10

ctf loader service is problematic would you better choose to stop the ctfmon.exe at the very beginning you are to check if ctf loader is performing well in the task manager as you can see task manager process list.

  • STEP-1 > hit windows + r to activate the run box and then type in services.msc in the bo then click ok.
  • STEP-2 > then find out and right click touch keyboard and handwriting panel service to open its properties.
Disable ctfmon.exe Service in Windows 10
  • STEP-3 > then in touch keyboard and handwriting panel service properties locate startup type and then set it as disabled.
  • STEP-4 > click apply and ok to save changes.

will be disabled successfully no more ctf loader running on your windows 10.

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Controlling ctfmon.exe Using Task Scheduler

this simple fix you can disable ctfmon.exe without actually deleting it. whenever you want to use it again just reenable it.

  • STEP-1 > open the start menu and type “taskschd.msc”
  • STEP-2 > double click the task schedule library.
  • STEP-3 > choose microsoft > windows > textservicesframework
  • STEP-4 > click on “msctfmonitor” and click “disable”

FAQ >>

What Is ctf loader?

ctf loader is the microsoft process that controls alternative user input and the office language bar. it’s how you can control the computer via speech or a pen tablet or using the onscreen keyboard inputs for asian languages.

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