Best Way To Delete iPhone And iPad Backups From MacOS Catalina


clear up some disk space or delete iPhone and iPad backups from macOS with the latest versions of macOS managing ios and iPad’s device backups is done entirely in finder including deleting and removing device backups.the safest and most thorough way of backing up an iPhone or iPad is to do an encrypted backup via mac finder.

the backup is complete you have a copy of all of your data on your computer complete with encrypted keychain contents. but it all takes up space that you might want to reclaim as you can imagine doing a full backup of your iPhone or iPad can take a lot of space.

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  • if you are enough to be using a mac with a multi-terabyte SSD but most of us aren’t so we need a way to trip the amount of data used by backups. we need to delete old ones and in macOS Catalina, that’s a whole new process compared to deleting backups with iTunes.
  • removing backups this way is similar but since iTunes is no more in modern macOS versions it’s obviously a bit different and using a different process.

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How I Can Delete iPhone And iPad Backups From MacOS Catalina

  • plug your iPhone or iPad into your Mac using a USB cable.
  • open a Finder window by clicking its icon in the dock and click your iPhone or iPad in the sidebar.
  • make sure that the “general” tab is selected and then click “manage backups” and find it at the very bottom of the window.
  • Click to select the backup that you want to delete and then click “delete backup”
Delete iPhone And iPad Backups From MacOS Catalina
  • you need to confirm that you want to delete the selected backup before the action is carried out. and select the backups to delete iPhone and iPad backups from macOS Catalina.

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delete iPhone and iPad backups from macOS Catalina you can also use a windows pc with iTunes if you want to. if you rather not have to plug them into a computer at all you can use iCloud for backups instead as well with iCloud your device will back itself up overnight and you won’t need to connect to a computer to restore anything either. and just like the mac and iTunes approaches you can also delete backups from iCloud too.


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