many gamers are getting the Discord RTC Connecting issue in their discord app. I know many friends that are getting trouble from this error I collected the data about discord RTC connecting and a proper fix for it that will help the people who are suffering from it. I checked many forums but they are talking about some specific answers this kind of message can occur due to various reasons and we need to understand them first moving to the solution.

RTC discord connecting issue is related to the voice and it will not able you to connect from the sound. in my opinion, you know about the problem because you are getting in the present. I shared the info for the people who want to gain something extra regarding the discord app.

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How To Fix Discord RTC Connecting Issue

before going to the solution please check the internet restriction on your network connection if the admins block the discord on their server then it is apparent that you can not use it there.

Method-1 > Fix Proxy Server Setting

  • close all the apps that you are using right now.
  • now open the control panel on your windows device by using a search box or keys.
  • after that click on the “network and internet” option and then press the “internet options” button.
  • a new window will occur with the heading “internet properties”
  • you can see the various sections click on the “connections” section of this window.
  • after that press the button with the title “LAN setting”
  • a new window will occur with the title “local area network”
  • uncheck the box that is showing below the “proxy server” title.

Method-2 > Uninstall The Third-Party Firewall

  • open the run dialog box and to open it you need to press the Windows + R keys together.
  • then enter ‘appwiz.cpl’ within the available field and press the enter button.
  • several options will appear on the display and from there you should tap on the programs and features option.
  • you should scroll down and locate the third-party antivirus.
  • after that right-click on it and tap on the uninstall button.
  • next, follow the onscreen instructions to uninstall the security software or firewall from your system.
  • reboot your system and check if you can connect the discord without any issue or not.

Method-3 > Flushing DNS Setting

  • press the windows + r keys together to open the run dialog box.
  • after that type ‘cmd’ to open the command prompt. and type
ipconfig /release.
  • then enter the following command and press the enter key in order to flush the dns.
ipconfig /flushdns
  • you have to type the following command in order to renew the ip configuration.
ipconfig /renew
  • restart your system.

Method-4 > Restart Modem or Router

sometimes no router problem appears if the ipv6 connection was interrupted by a dynamic IP that continuously keeps on changing.

so in this condition, we suggest you restart the modem router as well as your computer.

Method-5 > Check The Servers Voice Region

this error while trying to connect a friend from a different continent then because of a different voice region you might encounter this issue. in this situation, you should ask the admin to set a different voice region from the server setting.

How Do I Fix RTC Connection on Discord?

5 Way To Fix Discord RTC Connecting Issue
Method-1 > Fix Proxy Server Setting
Method-2 > Uninstall The Third-Party Firewall
Method-3 > Flushing DNS Setting
Method-4 > Restart Modem or Router
Method-5 > Check The Servers Voice Region

What Is RTC Connection?

the connection between the local computer and a remote provides a method to connect to a remote maintain and monitor the connection and close the connection once its no longer needed.

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