you can hide macOS Catalina from software update don’t update to macOS Catalina anytime still up in the air about whether or not to update to macOS Catalina. if you don’t want the macOS Catalina update to show as available to download in the software update section of macOS you can use a terminal command to block and hide the software update from showing as available.

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How Can I Stop Stop Showing MacOS Catalina Software Update

  • go to the system preferences.
Hide MacOS Catalina From Software Update
  • launch the terminal on the mac.
    • found in /applications/utilities/ folder
  • enter the following command at the terminal command line.

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sudo softwareupdate --ignore "macos catalina"
  • hit return then enters the admin password and hit return again to execute the command with superuser privileges.
  • re-open system preferences the macOS Catalina update will no longer show as available.
  • and you can Now hide macOS Catalina from software update.

now macOS Catalina update will remain hidden from software update on the mac.

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UnHide MacOS Catalina From Software Update

we used the command line to ignore the update the best approach is to return to the terminal. to make macOS Catalina upgrade show up in software update again return to the command line and clear and reset the ignored software updates list with the following command-line.

sudo softwareupdate --reset-ignored

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again authenticate with the admin password and hit return relaunching system preferences and returning to software update will make macOS Catalina show as available again.

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