how to use a usb flash drive to install a version of the windows operating system onto a windows computer using a usb flash drive is useful when your computer doesn’t have a cd drive

having done this you will have to set your computer to boot from a usb device please be very careful when you change the settings here

goto boot options setup here you will have to change the boot order if your device uses secure boot / uefi you will have to change it to legacy

navigate to the boot tab and change the settings disable secure boot enable legacy option and set boot list option to legacy next move usb storage device to the first position and set it to be the first device to boot

once you have done this with your usb connected to your laptop or computer

Install Windows 10 From USB

  • restart your computer will boot from the USB.
  • choose the language to install the time and the keyboard or input method and click on next.
  • the setup will start.
  • you will be presented with the license terms accept it and click on next.
  • you will be asked the type of installation do you want to custom install windows since we want to go in for a fresh or clean install select custom install.
  • next, you will be asked the partition where you want to install windows 10.
  • select your partition carefully and click next.
  • windows 10 installation will start. it will copy setup files install features install updates once this is done your pc will restart.
  • if windows 10 is the only operating system on your computer you may be taken to the log in screen directly.
  • once the installation is completed remember to reverse the changes in the boot options setup.
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