How To Unroot Android Using “Supersu”

supersu method doesn’t always work perfectly maybe it fails or maybe it can’t replace your stock recovery for some reason in those cases you can manually unroot your phone using one of these methods:

  • download and install supersu from the google play store.
  • launch supersu and go to the “settings” tab.
  • scroll down until you see “full unroot”. tap it.
  • asked to confirm that you want to completely unroot your device tap continue.
  • once done, supersu will close automatically restart your android device.
  • when your device has booted back up uninstall supersu and you be the proud owner of one completely unrooted android device.

How To Unroot Android Using “Es File Explorer”

  • download and install es file explorer from google play store.
  • launch es file explorer and tap the menu button.
  • scroll down to “tools” and then turn on “root explorer
  • grant it root privileges if prompted.
  • back on the main screen navigate to your device’s root folder and find this as “/” in explorer.
  • from root navigate to “system” | “bin”
  • find the “busybox” and “su” files and delete them. if you can’t find them move on to step eight.
  • navigate back to “/” and open the “app” folder.
  • delete superuser apk.
  • restart your android device.
  • your device should reboot unrooted.
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