how to use energy saver settings on Mac. MacBook users are still chances to reduce your home electricity bill too. the difference tweaking a few macOS settings can make especially if you are someone who leaves their computer and display on 24/7 here we are going to go through some of the settings you might want to take a look at for improving power management on the mac.

all of these settings live in the energy saver area of your mac preferences app and the options you see will vary depending on what computer you are using. if you are using a MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air you see different energy saver settings on Mac for battery power you have two panes one will be for when your computer is running on battery the other for when it’s on power.

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How To Use Energy Saver Settings On Mac For Better Power Management

Energy Saver Settings On Mac

  • turn the display off – if you can energy saver settings on Mac this tells your mac when to turn off the display if that’s an internal display it will be turned off completely. if you are using an external display it will likely enter a low-power mode. you can wake it up by pressing a key on the keyboard or by moving the mouse.
  • prevent the display from sleeping automatically when the display is off – this is a way to ensure your mac stays powered on and awake even if your mac puts its display to sleep.
  • slightly dim the display on battery power – this will automatically reduce display brightness when the mac is running on battery power.

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  • put hard disks to sleep when possible – this option is leftover from when all mac had spinning hard disks in them. that isn’t really the case anymore but if you are using an external hard disk or have a mac pro with internal spinning disks this option will turn them off when they aren’t being used.
  • wake for network access – if you have a media library or other shared resource like a printer this checkbox enables another computer to wake your mac up if it’s needed.
  • enable power nap – power nap allows your mac to be woken from sleep to carry out some functions like running a time machine backup or sending and receiving email. the display won’t be turned on when this happens and a power nap only wakes a computer if it is plugged in.
  • startup automatically after a power failure – this instructs your mac to automatically power back on once power is restored if it wasn’t correctly shut down. it’s great for those with power but also need their computer to be on 24/7.

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making use of energy-saving options is still a good idea even if you’re using a mac.

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