the google camera app uses a lot of machine learning to enhance the images and make them look better. the cameras on the Pixel devices are known to be at the top when it comes to performance. that being said the fact is that their performance is heavily dependant on software optimization.

Install Google Camera

the google camera mod that quite often talked about and does, in fact, make a noticeable difference to the image output of your smartphone camera. how to install the Gcam mod on your android smartphone we are covered in this article.

Pre-Requisites For GCam Mod

  • Support for Camera2API.
  • Camera2API is not supported you need to enable it on your phone.
  • GCam mod APK.

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What You Need On Camera2API

camera2api is a framework that allows developers to obtain access to granular camera controls such as exposure focus or iso which they can then bake into their third-party apps in the form of advanced features to offer android users an improved picture-taking experience.

the third-party developers can use the camera2api to enable full manual control over your phone’s sensor, lens, and flash to provide better frame rates raw capture support, HDR+ controls, and other smart features. google camera utilizes some complex algorithms and AI functions in its app to capture some stunning photos.

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How To Check If Your Phone Supports Camera2API

to see whether any of your android smartphones support the camera2api you simply need to install the camera2api app from the play store simply install the app and launch it. the camera2api app lists the “hardware support level” for both the rear and front cameras with the camera id being 0 and 1 respectively it shows information about the camera2api capabilities which are supported by your android smartphone and here the meaning for each of the camera levels.

Check If Your Phone Supports Camera2API

legacy: these android phones support only camera1api. no camera2api features are made available here.
limited: these phones support some but not all, camera2api capabilities.
full: these phones support all of the major capabilities of the camera2api.
level 3: these devices support reprocessing and raw image capture, along with additional output stream configurations.

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How To Enable Camera2API

the perfect methods to enable many of the hidden android features in smartphones. you can enable the camera2api also using the build. prop you need to understand that this method. it works on smartphones that come with a camera2api support system. follow the steps carefully for enable the app.

  • download and install any file manager app from the google play store which supports root explorer.
  • navigate to the system partition in your rooted android phone and find the file named as Build.Prop.
  • open the Build.Prop file using the text editor. inside the Build.Prop file search for this line.
  • change the 0 to a 1 then save and exit the Build.Prop and reboot your phone.

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Installing Google Camera

the camera2api is enabled on your device here comes the tricky part. selecting the right google camera mod for your device. you see there are a couple of modders out there that take the original google camera app and modify it to work on a wide range of devices. not all the ported APKs work and they also produce different results. as such, there is no hard and fast universal law to google camera mods.

in order to install Google camera on your device head over here to see the full list of all the APK ports to date. depending upon your device you have to resort to certain developers. the link maintains a record of the most recent ports so ensure to always use the latest mod. all you need to do is download the APK and install the app for it to work.

NOTE: if you are unable to figure out the best google camera mod for your phone just comment down below and we are guide you personally.

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