Install Minecraft Shaders is beauty of minecraft to the next level shaders is an incredible mod as it truly does change the entire visual experience of minecraft. adding in new lighting better graphics and overall taking the graphics of minecraft to an entirely new level.

NOTE: shaders packs are typically very resource intensive. i cannot recommend playing minecraft with shaders if you do not have a very good desktop. some high-end gaming laptops may be able to run shaders.

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Install Minecraft Shaders

there are tons of different shaders packs out there. from very dark ones that are a bit spooky to very bright ones that make you feel like you are at the beach there are hundreds. some are much better than others thus we have created a complete list of what we consider to be the shaders packs for minecraft. no matter what kind of shaders pack you are look for that list has one for you. also all of the shaders packs are verified to be working with the latest version of minecraft so you don’t have to worry about version incompatibility.

STEP-1 > Open Your Shaders Folder

  • when you are on the minecraft main menu > click the ‘options’ button.
  • next click the ‘video settings’ button and on the next page, click ‘shaders’
  • you are almost there. now just click the ‘shaders folder’ button in the bottom left of minecraft and a folder window will open up. you are finally where you need to be.

Step-2 > Install The Shaders Pack

  • the hardest part of getting shaders installed is getting to the shaders folder.
  • once you are there its actually pretty easy this is most likely in your downloads folder or on your desktop and move it into the ‘shader packs’ folder you just opened.
  • once you are done that close out of the folder and restart minecraft.
  • be sure when you are opening it back up you are selecting the ‘optifine’ version.
  • after you are back in minecraft redo step but stop just before opening the ‘shaders folder’
  • you should see the shaders pack you just installed on this screen.
  • click ‘done’ and go play some minecraft.

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shaders in minecraft truthfully the hardest part of the entire process is getting to the shaders folder once you are done that it’s drag and drop if you do have any issues in shaders packs comment below. we are happy to help you

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