GeForce experience something went wrong when opening the Nvidia GeForce experience app having an error code 0x0003 or error code 0x0001. follow the steps carefully to fix GeForce experience error code 0x0003 and error code 0x0001.

Nvidia GeForce experience is an excellent app for optimizing games screen recording and getting driver updates regularly for your graphics card. Geforce experience error code 0x0003 is the most annoying problem of an Nvidia GeForce experience user. most of the people face these error messages when they open the app Nvidia error code 0x0003 keeps coming back again and again this destroys the overall experience of the users.

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STEP-1 > Allow Nvidia Telemetry Container And Its Service

  • in the search bar search for run windows key + r to open up a run dialog box.
    • and type services.msc in it and click ok.
  • in the new window, find Nvidia telemetry container and then right-click and select properties.
    • then click on local system account. don’t forget to check the option allow the service to interact with the desktop. finally, click apply.
  • now right-click on Nvidia telemetry container service and select start.
  • then open services.msc find
    • Nvidia display service container.
    • Nvidia local system container.
    • Nvidia network service container. right-click on each of them and click start.

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STEP-2 > Configure Nvidia Container

nvidia telemetry container service behind these errors the reason why this problem happen is for is for modifying the settings for all nvidia container services.

Configure Nvidia Container
  • open the run dialog box then type “services.msc” and click ok.
  • search for container services used by Nvidia.
    • right-click on the first container services then open properties.
  • inside the properties, window goto the log on a tab and check the box for local system account then hit apply to save the changes.
  • do the same for the rest of Nvidia container services.
  • restart the pc. after the startup opens the GeForce experience app.
    • the error shouldn’t appear again.

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STEP-3 > Uninstall Current Nvidia Drivers And Stop it

uninstalling their current nvidia geforce experience version and reinstalling the latest version from nvidia’s official website. this is a very normal software issue using a dedicated installer can help you fix the solution very easily but before uninstalling nvidia drivers try restarting geforce experience.

geforce experience error code 0x0003 you can perform a force restart of core nvidia services like nvidia local system container nvidia network service container nvidia display service etc. to see if the issue can be fixed.

  • you can press Windows + R type msc and hit enter key to open windows services application.
  • locate all Nvidia services in the services window right-click one of them and choose restart.

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Stop Nvidia Geforce Experience App From “Startup” Settings

  • select task manager by right-clicking on the taskbar.
  • navigate to the startup tab and locate the Nvidia GeForce app.
  • Click on disable and then reboot.

Stop Nvidia Geforce Experience App From “Services” Settings

  • open the program by typing services.msc from the start menu.
  • you will see a lot of apps from which you have to search for Nvidia display container.
  • select properties by right-clicking the display container.
  • select disable on the startup tab and select apply for saving the changes.
  • you have to reboot your pc.

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What Is GeForce Experience?

nvidia geforce experience is an excellent app used for optimizing games screen recording and taking screenshots of gameplay and getting driver updates regularly for your graphics card.

What Does Error Code 0x0003 on Nvidia?

nvidia error code 0x0003 means the files of your nvidia graphics card driver is corrupted.

What Does Error Code 0x0001 on Nvidia?

error code 0x0001 means the driver you are using is either not for your specific graphics card or its corrupted.


Nvidia GeForce experience is an excellent app but it has some bugs. these issues it’s fixed with new updates of the app following the steps i have provided here you can easily fix error code 0x0001 and error code 0x0003 of Nvidia GeForce Experience. do you like these methods mention it in the comment section which steps worked for you

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