people visit some sites safari says safari cannot open the page because too many redirects occurred this means that the website keeps being redirected between two websites in a way that will never complete. users are unable to open certain websites in safari due to a redirecting problem.

Safari Cannot Open The Page Because Too Many Redirects Occurred Error

Why Are You Having “Safari Cannot Open The Page Because Too Many Redirects Occurred” Error

safari includes a safety feature called intelligent tracking prevention (ITP) what this feature does is that it reduces cross-site tracking by changing the way safari handles cookies and other website data this is designed to protect your privacy. you may run into this problem when you want to visit a page that uses an authentication service. for example, visiting sites like google, youtube, can lead to this error.

another possibility is that outdated redirect information or a setting in your safari cache or cookies may cause this. to fix it this information or setting needs to be refreshed.

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How Can I Fix “Safari Cannot Open The Page Because Too Many Redirects Occurred” Error

  • tap settings go to the safari tap on it.
  • scroll down and tap advanced and tap website data.
  • enter the website name that produces this error.
  • swipe from right to left. this will bring up the red delete button tap delete and tap done.
  • now immediately force close Safari.
  • go to your home screen and swipe up. this will open the app switcher.
  • to open the app switcher on other devices double press the home button.
  • find safari you may swipe left or right to find it.
  • then swipe up on the safari preview icon.
  • now open safari again visits your site to see if you have fixed your problem. “Safari Cannot Open The Page Because Too Many Redirects Occurred” Error

Any Other Method To Fix The Issue:

if you continue having this problem you may want to delete all web site data. here is how you can do that

  • again go to settings > safari > advanced > website data.
  • scroll down and tap the remove all website data.

if the issue continues repeat these steps but instead of clicking remove for the redirecting website click remove all to remove stored data for every website you are visited in safari.

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How Can I Fix Too Many Redirects Occurred Error

  • open safari on your mac chooses safari > preferences and click on privacy.
  • click manage website data button.
  • in the search field enter the name of the website that you can unable to visit.
  • when the website found select it. click remove and click done and exit preferences.
  • now immediately force close safari.
  • Click the Apple menu in the upper left corner of the browser and select force quit.
  • select safari and click the force quit button.
  • now visit the redirecting website to see if your problem is fixed.

Any Other Method To Fix The Issue:

again if this problem repeats often you may want to remove all website data.

  • on your Mac open safari and go to safari > preferences > privacy > manage website data > and click remove all.
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