sedlauncher.exe is part of the kb4023057 windows 10 update package and was designed to improve the speeds of the windows update service on your Windows 10 computer. even though this element was designed with speed optimization in mind a large number of users have reported issues about what is sedlauncher.exe high CPU usage caused by this program.

there are some variations to the file we are discussing in this article. it can be found in your system processes either as sedlauncher.exe, sedsvc.exe, etc. they are all part of the windows remediation service.

Microsoft rolls out frequent updates to improve the performance and security of its operating systems the windows update is meant to keep windows and other Microsoft programs up to date these updates include patches, service packs, and driver updates.

the windows update process can sometimes cause issues that affect the performance. sedlauncher.exe is part of the windows update and they often associate it with high CPU usages and other problems in windows 10.

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How To Fix Sedlauncher.exe High CPU Usage?

in this article we will explore some of the best methods to end this task and be able to start using your computer normally.

the executable file part of the windows remediation service and they use it to speed up the windows 10 update process. some users have complained that after performing the windows 10 kb4023057 update they started experiencing pc sluggishness and unresponsive software programs. this means the entire system is slowed significantly making it difficult to do simple tasks such as copy and paste.

sedlauncher.exe is not a virus as it has Microsoft’s digital signature. if you cannot find the file in the abovementioned location you have to run a full system scan. this is because of some malware disguises as a genuine windows process in c:\windows or c:\windows\system32

Method-1 > Stop And Disable “Windows Remediation Service” Process

  • STEP-1 > press the ‘win + r’ keys on your keyboard type ‘services.msc‘ in the run window and press in run.
  • STEP-2 > scroll down in the list of services and look for windows remediation service.
Sedlauncher.exe High CPU Usage
  • STEP-3 > double-click it to open up the properties window.
  • STEP-4 > in the general tab under startup type click the drop-down list and select ‘disabled’.
  • STEP-5 > click ‘apply’ and check to see if the issue persists.

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Method-2 > Uninstall Windows Setup Remediations

Uninstall Windows Setup Remediations
  • STEP-1 > right-click on the start menu and select apps & features from the list.
  • STEP-2 > from the settings window go to windows setup remediation or update for windows 10 for x64-based systems (kb4023057) on the left pane.
  • STEP-3 > right-click on the app and select uninstall then follow on-screen instructions to complete the process.

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Method-3 > Delete The Windows Task Scheduler

  • STEP-1 > press the windows key + r to launch run box. type taskschd.msc into the box and press enter on your keyboard
  • STEP-2 > on the left panel of the task schedule window you will see task scheduler library.
    • double-click on it and go to microsoft>windows>rempl.
  • STEP-3 > right-click on the rempl folder and choose the shell task on the right.
    • press the delete key and then click yes when prompted to complete the process.

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What Is Sedlauncher?

sedlauncher.exe is a file used to optimize the windows 10 update process. windows 10 kb4023057 update patch includes the file. its location is in a folder named ‘rempl’ in the system directory c: \program files.

Easy Way To Stop Sedlauncher?

the simplest method is to go to the task manager right-click on sedlauncher.exe and choose the end task this solution allows you to stop the process.

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