service host superfetch is part of windows vista and onwards this technology allows windows os to manage random memory so that your apps can perform efficiently. it helps third-party apps and critical windows components to execute quickly common tasks to achieve this superfetch stores and reads data for regularly used apps directly from ram instead of resorting to the hard drive.

Service Host Superfetch

How You Can Disable This Service?

high disk usage due to this service isn’t always a problem. it’s how this service works to optimize your system. when you are using your pc for some time this host service starts to fill up the ram with frequently used files as the size of these files increases over time it can take longer to sort out memory.

service host superfetch always causing high disk usage you may want to disable it. disabling this service wont cause system instability and you may feel some lag when accessing commonly-used apps that would load faster when it is enabled.

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What Is Service Host Superfetch?

service host Superfetch can easily cause high disk usage. high disk usage due to this service isn’t always a problem. it’s how this service works to optimize your system performance. if you are using windows 10 and you find that service host local system is taking much of your CPU disk or memory usage you are not alone many be Windows users are reporting this same problem as well. read the tried and true solutions below to fix your high disk usage problem right now.

Disable It From Services

  • STEP-1 > press the windows key + r to open the run dialogue box.
  • STEP-2 > click on start in windows and type ‘run’ to locate the run dialogue box.
  • STEP-3 > type ‘services.msc’ and press enter to bring up the services window.
  • STEP-4 > once you have the list of services find superfetch.
Disable Service Host Superfetch
  • STEP-5 > right-click on this service and select properties.
  • STEP-6 > once the properties window pops up click on stop.
  • STEP-7 > from the ‘startup type’ drop-down menu in properties click disabled.

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Disable It From Windows Registry

  • STEP-1 > bring up the run dialogue box by pressing the windows key and r key together.
  • STEP-2 > you can also open the run dialogue box by using windows search next to the start button.
  • STEP-3 > in the run dialogue box, type “regedit” (without quotes) and hit enter on your keyboard.
  • STEP-4 > when the registry window appears go to the hkey_local_machine folder.
  • STEP-5 > under this folder navigate to
    • system > currentcontrolset > control > session manager > memorymanagement > prefetchparameters
  • STEP-6 > double-click on the ‘enable superfetch’ value on the right side.
  • STEP-7 >if you can’t find this value listed simply perform the following steps.
    • right-click on the prefetchparameters folder
    • from options open new > dword value
    • now enter ‘0’ as the value to disable this service
    • select ok
  • STEP-8 > now close the registry editor.

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Disable Superfetch With Command Prompt

  • STEP-1 > click on start and search for command prompt.
    • “run as administrator” then click “yes” to continue.
  • STEP-2 > type net.exe stop superfetch and press enter.
  • STEP-3 > if the command above isn’t valid try net.exe stop sysmain instead.
    • wait for a few minutes and see if your computer starts performing better.

Superfetch Why Does It Report High Disk Usage?

superfetch is like drive caching. it copies all your commonly used files to ram. this allows programs to boot faster. if your system doesn’t have the latest hardware service host superfetch can easily cause high disk usage.

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