mac users may wish to have the macOS library folder always visible in their home directory for various reasons. with macOS Catalina, you can have the user library folder always shown and visible by toggling a settings option in the finder.

whether you frequently mess around with the user ~/library folder or you just want it visible all the time for another reason you can make a simple adjustment to finder view options to reveal the library directory all of the time.

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How To Display User Library Folder In Home Directory

Macos Library Folder In Home Directory
  • go to the macOS finder if you haven’t done so already.
  • go to the users home folder by pulling down the “go” menu and choosing “home”
Display User Macos Library Folder In Home Directory
  • now pull down the “view” menu and choose “view options” from the menu options.
  • locate the setting for “show library folder” and toggle it so that setting is checked this will instantly display.
How To Display User ~/Library Folder In Home Directory
  • the user macOS library folder in the home directory now.

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How To Display MacOS Library Folder With Terminal

  • launch terminal from the spotlight or launchpad.
  • type in the window the next command.
chflags nohidden ~/library/
  • the folder library will become visible in the finder.
  • to hide it again enter the command
chflags hidden ~/library/

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Why Is The Library Folder Hidden?

Apple keeps the library invisible in order to protect users from accidental deletion or modification of important files stored there application settings caches and other system files needed to run the programs.

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