steam won’t open on your windows computer the reasons are different but typically overloaded servers and computer errors are the main causes. we are got you covered follow our tips to start steam and start gaming again.

many users complain that steam won’t open when they click the icon in the taskbar. the problem occurs on windows computers without an exception. some people report that the program boots in big picture mode and logs them in a blank screen appears afterward.

Method-1 > Restart Steam Client

running some of the processes in the background which prevents you from opening it to launch the program without bugs we need to prepare a clean to start it.

Restart Steam Client
  • open task manager by clicking ctrl+alt+delete or by right-clicking windows icon in the taskbar and selecting task manager from there.
  • go to processes tab and search for steam-related processes.
  • click each of them and select the end task.
  • try clicking on steam’s shortcut to run it again.

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Method-2 > Reinstall Steam

Reinstall Steam
  • close steam client and backup your game data now open task manager and go to the processes tab and end any active steam processes.
  • go to the uninstall a program here select steam and click uninstall. wait until the process is finished and restart your pc.
  • download steam installer from the official steam’s website. run it and follow on-screen instructions.
  • use the previously backed up steam apps folder to restore your gaming data just copy it from the folder you pasted it in and paste it into steam’s installation folder. if asked choose yes to replace existing files.

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Method-3 > Disable Compatibility Mode For Steam

  • close steam then disables all of its processes via task manager.
  • open windows search and type steam.
  • then right-click the result and choose an open file location.
  • in the folder that opens on the screen right-click steam.exe file and choose properties.
  • go to the compatibility tab and ensure that none of the given options are checked. in other words, deselect any selected options.
  • change settings for all users and do the same as the top one step.
  • click apply and ok.
  • check if steam opens now.

Disable Compatibility Via Windows Registry

  • open run prompt by pressing down windows key and r type Regedit in and press ok.
  • Windows registry expands the categories in the given order
    • hkey_current_user > software > Microsoft > windows NT > current version > app compatflags > layers.
  • once in layers, look on the right and find steam.exe entry. right-click it and choose delete. do not alter any other steam-related entries.
  • look at the navigation panel again and go to compatibility assistant > persisted folder. on the right find, steam.exe right-click and delete it.
  • now, go all the way up the navigation panel and close the hkey_current_user folder by clicking on the little arrow next to it. this will make the navigation easier for further steps.
  • open hkey_local_machine > software > Microsoft > windows NT > current version > app compatflags > layers. here look on the right, right-click steam.exe file and delete it.
  • check if the steam will open now.

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Method-4 > Check If Third-Party Antivirus Blocks Steam

turn off real-time protection
  • press windows icon in the taskbar to open settings.
  • in settings go to Update & Security then go to windows security click on Virus & Threat protection.
  • now click manage settings under virus and threat protection settings.
  • turn off real-time protection.
  • check if steam opens now.
  • you either can disable or uninstall your antivirus temporarily.
  • never leave your computer unprotected turn on windows defender or another antivirus provider which will allow steam games at all times.

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Method-5 > Try Connecting To A Different Network

some network providers tend to save bandwidth by compressing the data transmitted we suggest connecting to a different network preferably by a different internet provider and checking if steam will open. if that is the problem fix you might need to temporarily or permanently change your internet provider.

Why Steam Is Not Opening?

reasons why steam won’t open.
1. steam servers are down.
2. problems with the networking device.
3. steam client is not closed completely.
4. software incompatibility.
5. outdated drivers.

How Do I Fix Steam Game Not Opening?

1. restart the steam client.
2. reinstall steam.
3. disable compatibility mode for steam.
4. check if third-party antivirus blocks steam.
5. try connecting to a different network.

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